Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bon Voyage

All packed up, need to print out bus ticket from Coventry-Dover and flight boarding pass from Amsterdam-Birmingham. Anywhere in between via hitchhiking. I’m bringing a few books, kindle and iPod. So, I won’t get bored hopefully.


13June: Coventry- London- Dover- Calais.
14June: Calais- Paris.
15June: Paris.
16June: Paris.
17June: Paris- Brussels.
18June: Brussels.
19June: Brussels- Amsterdam.
20June: Amsterdam.
21June: Amsterdam.
22June: Amsterdam- Birmingham.

Oh God, it’s so hard to find available couchsurfers in Paris. I’ve got plenty in Brussels, a few in Amsterdam. Perhaps, I’ll be spending one or two nights in my tent somewhere maybe. Many were saying that it’s pretty hard to get a hitch from Dover to Calais, but I’ll give it a go, plan B would be to just take the ferry.

Wish me luck, and I hope it won’t be raining so much.

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