Sunday, 20 March 2011

Parallel Selves

At the moment, this is how I am managing my online presence;

1. Twitter- Serious, short micro-blogging.
2. Facebook- Playful, joyous, hyperbolic short to medium posts which are of mixed contents.
3. Blog- Serious, mostly long, personal writings.

There is a need of another medium to give a platform to the emotional, problematic, immature selves of mine as well. Suppressing or hiding them, will not bring any good after all. Problems are meant to be laid out clearly and unambiguously, then recursively solved through any means that might be possibly available to oneself.
Plan, execute, fail, and plan again. The greatest opportunity for improvement indeed come from outright failures, and I am not afraid to face them, for even how long things might be, to allow the conflicting inner-selves to sufficiently mature into an impeccable, systematic structure of co-existing heterogenous selves. I am not afraid, as truly I believe in myself more than ever. 

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