Tuesday, 29 March 2011


There was something in last friday’s sermon that really caught my attention, which was about self-critique. The khatib mentioned about how it is possible for some of us to overcome anything that may come across, be it in the form of someone or something, but yet we repeatedly fail in critically assessing ourselves. 

Face it, on earth there is simply no mortal knows more about us than ourselves. From A to Z, perfections to imperfections, blacks to whites, they are all laid bare before our own two eyes. Being critical with ourselves is indeed, the greater way forward. None truly knows about our motives apart from us.

I find it pretty fascinating, to be able to analyse your own actions and words critically. It is very funny actually, as you start to realise the many times you are being absolutely absurd, rubbish and irrational. All the thoughts that are running wild in your head, you then wonder if those around you are thinking about the  same thing. 

Don’t get me wrong, others’ impartial views about you are important, but there have got to be some variety in them. Other mirrors might not always be there all the time, but ours are indeed will be. Things that you can be almost totally sure is only yourself. Those around you? Might it then be just a really long sequence of a dream where none is real?

Actually, how can you ever be sure if what you perceive, see, and think is similar to what others are having. Say there are 10 levels of hungriness. Mr A says I am very hungry, Mr B then says he is really hungry as well. Is it 1/10, 3/10 or 7/10? How subjectivity is defined in reality? When black and white is simply not there?

Some things are meant to be studied because of their downright absurdity and ambiguity. You know, like philosophy.  

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