Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The End

The key to the present lies in the past, and to finally know about everything that has costed him all of this, he is more than satisfied. He used to blame it on someone else, but now he do not really have anything or anyone worth putting the blame on. He is yet to see the end of the long tunnel, as even those before him have never found the way out, and they’ve finally grown to be content about being trapped in it.

He is kind of giving in, but not quite, 
he is half alive, but only on the outside, 
he is half dead, but only on the inside. 

Perhaps, that is just how it meant to be. Just maybe, that is how things are supposed to work, but still he wonders.
Others give in to what is apparent and clear, they stop looking for something that might not exist after all. He beg to differ, to be different, and is willing to suffer for being so.  

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