Friday, 18 February 2011


Brian Tracy said in his book that there’s no use in sharing your problems with others, because 80% of them just won’t give a shit about them, and another 20% are glad that you get them in the first place.

It’s really useless to hope that help will somehow magically turn up on your door. This ain’t no fairy tale, I’d like to tell you. People are selfish, please don’t blame them as it’s their nature to be that way.

Tomorrow is still gonna come, eventhough you hope that it won’t.  There is simply no use for you to raise the white flag so early in your battle.

Hope comes when you work for it. Even the greatest obstacle mean nothing if you truly believe in yourself. Perhaps, there is no hope. Or perhaps, otherwise.

Oh, stop feeling like a puppy being left by its owner. It’s damned pathetic, I just wanna puke. Pull yourself together, and put back the mask. You look pretty good in it, aren’t you?

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