Thursday, 17 February 2011


Now tell me, why should you believe in the existence of any God, for that matter? Why is it not right for you, to be an atheist? Why fallacies, inconsistencies and incoherences persist in all religions?
Why should you believe in someone who confessed to be a prophet thousands of years ago, but if it were to happen today, he would’ve been disowned by the community and called a crazy man.
Why should you believe in things that you can’t touch, see or understand? Why do you have to be selective in using your reasoning capacity and being logical?
Why so many people believe to the core of their hearts, that their beliefs are the right ones, and all others will be doomed to hell?
If all men are equal before God, why did He create some of them to be more equal than others?
Why would it not be enough to be a good, well-behaved citizen of the earth? One who will do unto others, just as he would unto himself?
Why is there no proof to the truth of religion? Why, why, why?

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