Monday, 31 January 2011

How to get a faster wifi at home

Have you ever wondered why internet access via cable is so much faster than using your wireless connection at home? There are two main reasons for that.

  • Broadband speed.
  • Wireless channel bandwidth.
Broadband speed will depend on your service provider, nothing much can be done about that, but what about wireless bandwidth? There are 14 channels available for wifi router, and by default it will choose the channel automatically. However, some routers are not very good at choosing the best channel. In my test, 3 and sometimes 4 connections are fighting for the same wireless space, which inevitably make the internet slow for everyone. (What a pity I didn’t know about this until now T_T)

An overcrowding wireless channel is like a narrow street that is full of pedestrians trying to walk through it. Everything will move very slowly, and it’s no wonder that people start saying that “resetting your router once in a while will make things run faster!”. The automatic configuration will supposedly choose the channel by some random calculations. If it somehow picks the less congested ones, then you’re lucky. If it does not, then you’re doomed with a snail-speed broadband. :p

Wifi analyzer is a free download for android. It will analyze your wifi connection and recommend the best channel with the least traffic. Head on to their FAQ for further details. Images below were taken, before and after I changed the channel for wireless connection at my place.

To do this, open your browser and go to or . Either one of them should work, if in doubt have a look at your router; username and password should be there. Then, go to setting and change your channel.

via lifehacker and wifi analyzer

ps:/ my wifi channel is labelled with red in the images. 

   BEFORE                                                                                                        AFTER

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