Saturday, 15 January 2011

Arguments For Revolution

This book was lent to me by a friend from SWP, it was indeed a nice, simple introduction to what socialism and Socialist Worker's Party is all about. The authors began by explaining the sheer amount of inequality, unfairness and oppression that exists in our capitalist world, on how the very few super-rich billionaires command more wealth than half of the world's population does. Then, they made a case for a socialist revolution, with two distinct approaches that were possible: bottom-up and top-down. 

Towards the end of it, they tried to explain what I was thinking all along. Socialism sounds really nice, where there is a real democracy, everybody is treated equally and had equal say in making their voices heard in the government, but does it really make any sense in the real world, in any way realistic? To be fair, I support the socialist movement in the framework of capitalist system, ideally to be somewhere in the middle, where there are incentives and freedom for people to pursue whatever they want, but at the same time not to be constrained by the need to consult everyone for, simply everything. 

Honestly, I'm still very skeptical about socialism. If Soviet Union was a perverted case where socialism went wrong, and similarly for Cuba, China, North Korea and so on. Is there still any hope in it? I don't quite think so...... I don't know.   


  1. As long as there are corrupt people leading the government, any system will be doomed to failure.

    People got to change first.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree :), change needs to come from the inside.