Friday, 3 December 2010

Wake Up

There are multiple copies of the account of lives, each one of them with different perspectives and mirrors, told by different storytellers. The problem is there, and I know it is always going to be there, endlessly haunting and dominating over my life. And now, to be able to declare freedom from it is almost like living a fantasy. I am no longer afraid to admit defeat or fault, for it is the only way forward, for only then it will be possible for me to learn even more and to wake up each day, with eternal summer in my heart with the only single, greatest motive; Allah.

Almost total freedom in choosing the various realizations of choice, but in choosing one path over another, I am indeed tied to all the consequences.
If the virtuous men from the past could possibly do all the awesome things with not as much resources easily available to them as what I do now, should I not be ashamed for not living up to be at least on par with them?

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