Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Holiday

I’ve been quite proud of myself over the last month, finished reading 4 books in the last 20 days or so, averaging one book every five days. I do know some people can manage to do a lot more, but hell yeah I reckon that’s a really good start for me :D. ( Takde salahnya sekali-sekali mahu masuk bakul angkat sendiri kan? hehehe)
I thought, it would’ve been even better if I can write something about them, sort of like a review but I ain’t no expert in writing one, so this’ll be really boring. I’m sorry for that *_*.

1. 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Steven R Covey.
I should’ve read this book like ages ago, it might sound so corny or what-not, but this book changed me a lot. I tried to improve on things that I refused to do before, like the way I see and judge people, how I treat them, and how I try resolving confrontations and problems with them.

The main theme was about how a man was born to be highly dependent on others (mainly his parents and family) and then slowly over the years he learn and grow to be more independent than before. But yet, independence alone is not enough for a man to be considered as a fully matured and developed person. To achieve that, he should be capable to live and work co-operatively with his friends, colleagues, subordinates, superiors etc with the right amount of tolerance and good-will. The language is really easy-going, and well-written, you won’t be disappointed in buying it.

For the time being, I am still not at this stage but am really far from it. I’m still very immature, and have a lot more to learn from. I might have been independent enough to handle many things on my own, but I simply sucks at doing it within a group, I lack the team-spirit and many times I am being selfish. I don’t know yet how to communicate effectively, to understand people’s woes, to know where to strike some jokes or not, to tolerate and give credit when it is due. I still do fail miserably at those things, but fear me not as 2011 shall be the experiment lab for that.

2. Breakdown Of Will, by George Ainslie.
I was breaking down, with tears falling from my eyes, and everything I saw and heard was nothing but outright failures and miseries of my life. I didn’t know where to turn to, but later found an aljazeera clip about procrastination on facebook. George Ainslie was on the panel talking quite convincingly, I was tempted to buy his book right away. There, off you kindle.

It tried to crack the codes behind the breakdown of will, on how people can suddenly feeling depressed with no clear reason, and how psychology explains all these phenomenons. It was a refreshing take on dealing with depression, and I found it much easier to understand things through reading (rather than listening to what a counsellor might say, for example)

3. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, by David Hume & The Critique Of Practical Reason, by Immanuel Kant.

I don’t really have any ideas on what to write about these two great books, both are from famous philosophers of their time. I don’t quite understand what they’re trying to say or mean as the sentences are a bit vague at times (I’m merely pointing out my weaknesses in grasping their writings, btw the books were really awesome!). Proper reviews shall come when my command of understanding philosophy becomes better and better, and worth writing about it.
I like philosophy for the fact that there’s nothing really right or wrong about it. Anyone can talk, write and debate about what they think in a very mature platform. Philosophers are very open to new or old ideas, even how different and bizarre they might be, or anywhere they might come from. There is no objectivity like mathematics, but the subjective nature of it, is what I’ve been longing for all this while. Freedom of thinking, such a liberation of mind. This post must be full of grammatical errors and is indeed, boring to many minds who are willing spare some time. But I’m not ashamed of it, I’m still going to publish it though I know it’s not the best that I can produced. I know that I can do much better but there’s just no way, better things can come out, without the worse ones making their way out first. I’m accepting all that I have, my life with all that comes with it, my flaws and all that are ugly, they’re all indeed parts of me. 

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