Sunday, 26 December 2010

Mary And Max

I had just finished watching Mary and Max, a clay-animated movie based on a true story about a beautiful friendship between a girl named Mary, from Australia and a middle-aged Max from New York. Both were having difficulties in socialising with people, and even worse for Max as he was born with Asperger syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder).

A friendship that at first, grew from merely exchanging letters (and chocolates & cakes :D) between pen-pals, over the years had become an indispensable bond between the two. It’s almost as if they had only themselves, to share their griefs and tears as losers in the eyes of the others. Mary loved reading Max’s real life stories, his weird daily routines and habits, while Max enjoyed the companion of the only real friend that he’s got in his life.
Individuals more often than not, are uniquely different in their very own ways. Our failure and ignorance in understanding them, should never lead to mockery and contempt. We should give credit wherever it is due, and never resort to belittling others, for their hearts may sometimes be so delicate and fragile that, too deep a cut may permanently present a scar, of which is never to be forgotten.

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