Friday, 3 December 2010

Debating Individuals

Free will is the capacity that is unique to men. It is the ability of profoundly different "individuals" inside a man to table motions, debate and approve them in a rational manner inside our inner "parliament". Our rational capacity is lacking when we choose to be rather emotional and excessively obsessed in worldly indulgences.

What shall a man do when his overall capacity is naive and credulous? He needs a revolutionary force to wake him up, inspiration and philosophies to base his values on. He needs to learn more and more, and sometimes there are things that are just not fit to be learnt, all by himself. He wholeheartedly appreciates and is gratified by all the help and guidance, but doubt must you not, he loathes being forced. He needs plenty of time to think and ponder upon things, for simply the fact that rationality takes time to develop.
Free will is designed for men to think, and act according to a rational and informed faculty of mind. But when it is defined to be"the freedom to do simply whatever you fancy doing", then it is indeed a disaster in making. 

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