Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I've got a pretty serious question here. Is God, from the point of view of Islam an interventionist being?

I tried to google it, hoping that I would come across any interesting articles that had been written by Islamic scholars or so. But, I found none. The argument for non-interventionist God is immense. I would say my view is pretty much similar to what had been written in this blog

I would consider myself as a quite religious Muslim but the idea of an interventionist God would render so many things unthinkable. We are born with free will, but our "free will" may be over-ridden at any time if God were to be interventionist in nature.

I would believe in a non-interventionist God, who administer the world according the rules of the world that He has created from the beginning. This is what Muslims call Sunnatullah. Meaning that everything around us will obey the scientific and mathematical principles that had been designed by the God, but He would not intervene just about every time a good person pray for something.

Because good things won't just be happening to only good people. Good or bad things happen to anybody regardless of their behaviour. But I believe that we would be judged for every single details of our actions in the hereafter. Only then, I would be able to accept the numerous existence of unfairness, and awful things that happen to people from all walk of life, on this earth.

As for miracles, Littlewood's law explained about them quite well, don't you think?

I might indeed be very wrong. Let me know if there is someone or sources that I can perhaps refer to. Many thanks..    

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  1. Human minds can only believe either in fate or free will, but Islam taught us to believe in both, no? Takdir & the choice to change our fate.