Sunday, 21 November 2010

Book 1, Chapter 2

Ethica Nicomachea: Book 1, Chapter 2. Full text here

In this chapter, Aristotle elaborated further on the "master art" which was introduced in chapter 1. According to him, political science is the most important science because it provides the basis for a political system, a state, a place where everything else can flourish. Human have basic needs like shelter, food and clothes. There won't be any progress if these are not satisfied. How on earth a starving man could possibly think about books or politics?

Similarly, how could a community without a decently working political system can govern all other aspects in life? Politics is the anchor of the community, it is where everything is based on. Even religion cannot exist without the existence of a political system that is supportive for itself.

If we don't choose everything for the sake of something else which is greater and grander in nature, our desires would indeed be empty and in vain. They will seem to be meaningless or perhaps only meaningful for those who are still dreaming, even in a bright summer evening.

The life, there have got to be some motives to it. It must be, it should be...

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