Friday, 13 March 2009

Samsung Tocco Ultra Touch

Just when i thought my lust for mobile phones had died…..

Nope...definitely, not yet.......after seeing this gorgeous flagship model of Samsung cellphones for 2009..unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, last month.

What I like about this phone is that, it’s the first cell phone ever to boast full touch screen with 3x4 alpha-numeric keypad..Hahahha..Never have to worry about typing sms no more.. awesome
-Full AMOLED screen, even better than LED screen, and using less power
-Super, crazy, freaking thin 12.9 mm…(Isn’t that not crazy to be super thin and freaking stylish while having all the features you’d ever want??)
-GPS, 3G, HSDPA,Bluetooth, EDGE, WIFI, 8.0 Megapixel camera,Full support of major video and audio codecs..
Read the review here and here


  1. Aku nakkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vodafone start dah amik pre-order dowh..19th march ni start delivery..

    Aku pun duk giler ngan henpon ni...haish..nak amik taknak...

  3. brape pound tom? sebulan? 15 ok la

  4. paling murah 25 pounds untuk 24 months..

    30 pounds untuk 18 months..

    takpe ah...nanti tunggu boxing day...hehe