Thursday, 5 March 2009


Of all the things in this world,…there is one single thing that nobody can never, ever be sure of……… It’s the DEATH……

Until when will I live? Will I still be here next year to see my seniors graduate? Or will I still be here next month?

or will I even, be here next week…to see the second term coming to an end…And the flowers blooming everywhere as the spring being slowly unveiled by the day…

Or will I ever have a chance to see tomorrow?…To spend my day very unproductively,…..again…

Or will I even be able to finish writing this post in the very next moment, let alone seconds, minutes, hours….

What If, I die now?  Dying while behaving badly, as if Allah never sees me….? or while not performing solah, or perhaps…still procrastinating to do what I’m supposed to do as a muslim…..?????????


At the moment of dying…..Only then, perhaps I’ll regret…for I never know what’s there reserved for me, rewarding or punishing me for whatever I’ve done….be it good, be it bad….Everything does count this time..….

…..only if I’ve realized it earlier…..but, by that time…it’s too late, Nazri….


  1. Assalamualaikum Nazri,

    No ONE knows how long he or she shall live.

    When I was your age, at that time things were so different and I did think and wondered I can live past 40, but Alhamdulillah today I am 51.

    InsyaAllah, you will live past 51 too. Its our Qada and Qadar. Just pray for the Best of ourselves, stay on the Path of Allah swt.

  2. Salam!! satu perkara yg pasti dlm hidup kita ni adalah mati. Apa pun pangkat darjat orang tu .. mati pasti!!

    Apa yg kita worry kan ialah cara mana kita mati .. cara mana kita menghadapi sakratul maut tu .. apa akhirul kalam kita .. kerana ini menentukan syurga atau neraka kita.

    hiduplah untuk hari ini .. semalam biarlah terbenam bersama matahari, esok adalah alam yg masih ghaib dan belum tentu kita bertemunya ..
    hari ni yg pasti .. buatlah sebaik mungkin supaya kita diterima Nya.

    amal makruf nahi mungkar .. ini saja laluannya.