Wednesday, 11 March 2009


If it's hard, make it easy, take baby steps, slowly catch up with your own pace

If it's impossible, make it do-able, off course there's something you can do, isn't there?

If time is never enough, make it more, less facebooking, less ym-ing, skyping, blogging, ..sleeping?

If days are always gloomy, make it bright, listen to some music, watch some movies and let go of all that negative feelings.

If you're alone, who says? Call your mom, your dad, just whoever on your phonebook..I'm sure there's some numbers over there.. =)

If nothing works, make something works.. Go take a shower, read a novel and go take a walk out there and make yourself feel better..

If you still sad, smile.... senyum yer...=)

dan rajin3 belajor!!

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