Saturday, 7 February 2009

My preferences

Microsoft Windows vs Apple Mac OSx-Operating System
I've always adored mac osx...but the expenside side of it set me back...huk3..sad..Just wait till I graduated and working. A macbook is a must.!!

Internet Explorer vs Mozilla Firefox vs Apple Safari-Web Browser
Personally....Firefox has been my favorite web browser ever since I know it....Internet Explorer as always, slow as a lame duck, taking ages to open anything (but will my preference changes with IE 8 in the new Windows 7? ).....Apple Safari on the other hand is quite good..It's just that Safari doesn't possess the rich diversity of add-ons owned by Firefox..hehe vs Ebay Inc-E-Commerce
I started with and never really like ebay..Don't really sure myself,why..Hmm...maybe because ebay looks dodgier? ...with so many redundant things, ( i'd say looks like total crap?? )... and people tend to be more easily cheated on ebay than think, because amazon will hold the money you pay them for around a week before transferring it to the seller ?? and ebay pretty much charge more for listing than amazon (which is free...)

Samsung vs LG vs Nokia vs Motorola-Mobile Phones
I've used two samsung handphone, 1 Lg and 2 nokia...I like Nokia for the ease of use of the keypad..Samsung for the "super-thinness", "super-lightness", and Lg?? heheh..nothing in particular....Motorola?? hmmm...I don't really quite like the design of the keypad and the user interface..It looked very old-fashion,outdated....though the exterior parts of some motorola phones like razr looked like "WOW" to some..
In short, I'm still in love with phone right now is just 8.9 mm thin and weight 67 gm , which is like nothing.. =)

Microsoft Office vs Suite
Off course Office 2007 is still the best all-round suite in the world but the good thing about is that it's totally FREE!!!.... vs Host
This one..hahah..I've been on blogspot before, then migrated to wordpress only to go back again to is simply the best blog host ....There are so many restrictions with wordpress..I can't put any gadget on the sidebar, edit the css code, embed any media I want in the on the other easier to use and highly customizable in any way I want my blog to be....heaven..

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  1. google chrome! sampai hati tak