Monday, 2 February 2009

Mozilla Firefox 3 And Adobe Reader 9

Anybody out there who are also using Mozilla Firefox 3 and Adobe Reader 9, I bet you'd have the same problem as me, when you're trying to open a pdf file... It's such a pain in the ass that firefox keep on opening the file in an external adobe reader..Not an internal reader inside the firefox tab..

all this time I'd been thinking that there must be something wrong with my windows or firefox configuration,....but it turned out to be, very easy and simple to fix...muahahha..But, only this morning I had the urge to google for the solution..And 5 minutes..Everything is solved...hohohohoh...thanks Google

  1. In Adobe Reader, choose "Edit -> Preferences -> Internet".
  2. Deselect "Display PDF In Browser" and then click OK.
  3. Choose "Edit -> Preferences -> Internet"
  4. Select "Display PDF In Browser" and then click OK.
  5. Reopen your Mozilla application and verify that the plugin is enabled.
If it's still not working..Follow the full instruction here.. ->

good luck!

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