Friday, 2 January 2009

Vista+ XP= the all new Windows 7?

You hate the sluggishness of Vista? Slow and annoying? ..Yearn for the XP revival?

what if you can have both the beauty of Vista ('s even more awesome, I'm awed... +_+ ) and the speed,and the ease-of-use of XP?? you can..

Windows 7 beta is due to be released some time in mid January but has been leaked few days ago to Bittorrent sites, rapidshare and megaupload...And I got hold onto one copy from megaupload.. =)

Click on the image to view it more clearly..

And what I can say is..It's beautiful, fast, no lagging...and...I LOVE it!!!!

Read the reviews on the Windows 7 beta at PaulThurrots and

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