Friday, 23 January 2009

This is how I see it

I'd say..even if we can't change physically, If we can..emotionally, or verbally....why not?..

The words spoken or written depict one's personality....why bother using words like ,"nox","mak", "nyah", "sentapz", "uolz", or anything similar?..Do you wanna be a "maknyah"????..nauzubillah....Even if you say, that it's just a slang,..or a language that you're comfortable's still doesn't sound quite least to me..I'm not quite sure about everyone else....

Just my two cents though.....Think about it.....Things that we can easily change with our hands, why don't we do it?


  1. t.A.g..saya dah tag kamu!..hehe

  2. salam wbt...

    hehe.. Nazri, bagus post ni.. kalo la smua pun bckap slang ni, abihla kaum wanita.. nak carik sapa je lagi ntuk jadi suami? +p