Tuesday, 27 January 2009

This Is How I'm Gonna Do it

Quoting Og Mandino, (1923-1996)

If I feel depressed, I'll sing. If I feel sad, I'll laugh. If feel ill,I'll double my labour. If I feel fear, I'll plunge ahead. If I feel inferior, I'll wear new garments. If I feel poverty, I'll think of the wealth to come. If I feel insignificant, I'll remember my goals. Today, I'll be the master of my emotions.

Insya Allah


  1. and ALlah swt is The Master of all .. feeling depressed, sad, ill, fear, inferior, poverty, insignificant .. semua tu ujian yg diturunkan utk menjadikan kita a better person in the eye of our Creator.

    oooPs!! sorry makcik ronda2 blog .. dah few times visit blog u ni ..

    all the best ..