Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Looking back

Analysis/Foundations exam is over, which I did not do so good..but well, it's no use crying over the spilled milk...Looking at the books left by MORSE seniors , not a very long ago,..about 6 months back....One of them failed Analysis paper, resat and again failed....Another one even repeated the whole year for just one subject (I think it's analysis) and again failed..This could just happen to me..in 6 months from now...If I still like this,playing around..malas giler nak mati...

Rajin3!!!!!!!!! and work harder!!.....Now, focus on Economics And Mathematica....Another exam is coming in about one month....(what's weird with maths at warwick is that, real examinations -mind you, not tests--, are scattered around the academic year.., early January, early Feb..June)

Foundations exam just now represents 70% of the final mark, for this academic year...wargh...

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