Friday, 9 January 2009

Emergency national demonstration: Saturday 10 January

Stop the War Coalition is organising a march from Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park to the Israeli Embassy on Saturday..

If you have some time to spare,.. please join... We can help make it the biggest demonstration ever, so that our voices will be heard,so that the world will know what we feel, so that every single horrible things which is happening in Gaza can be stopped..

Coaches are available from all major cities in UK..for just 10 Pounds..

Click this link to book a seat ->

Please spread this amongst your friends...

Do at least something you can for Palestine....Don't tell me you can't do anything, at all....


  1. Salam!! p sana untuk belajar, so belajar sungguh2 .. jgn keciwakan harapan keluarga. Apa pun yang di lakukan hati-hati, jangan sampai susah diri sendiri ..

  2. UK bukanlah seperti malaysia..kalau kat mlaysia, buat demo..mungkin akan ditangkap masuk jail...kat sini, kebebasan bersuara ada..

    dan Insya Allah sy tak lupa tanggungjawab utama saya untuk belajar...