Monday, 1 December 2008

What?? It's a phishing scam??

She ( was trying to trick me into sending my iPod to her cousin in Nigeria..Shortly, I received another email (from saying that amazon had received payment for that. I was never aware that it was a scam until I log in to my amazon account and find out that there's no payment made for my stuff..

I read the email again..Now opening it in it's own windows, only then I realised that it's from No doubt, it's a phishing scam..It was so dangerous, considering that I just always open the email right from the "inbox preview" in new Yahoo mail..Never realised until now , that anyone could easily disguised their mail address to be anything by editing the mail header..

Anyone can be easily tricked here

Now, it's clearly a phishing scam..

So guys..make sure you'll never fall for this kind of scam..Make sure that the email address is genuine and remember that no bank will ever ask for your account number or credit card number via email..

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