Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I'm sick with the f###ingly rich folks around Bukit Antarabangsa who demand the government to pay for their hotel bills..Hello!!!'re so f###ing rich yet can't even afford your own hotel bill???..Go to hell..Who do you think you are ..huh????

When those at the east coast, Johor and anywhere else are only moved to the nearby schools during the floods,..Those so-called elites rejected government plan to move them to the schools .....Memang dasar orang kaya tak sedar diri...Tak pernah merasa susah....Bila susah sikit, mula la nak saman gov la..nak wat ni la..demand itu la, demand ini la...pegi mampus!!!..

Orang lain lagi teruk dari korang tau!!!!

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