Tuesday, 16 December 2008

How to stay safe on the internet

With even more n more spamming, phishing-scam, lies n fraud spreading on the internet, it's good to have some precaution measures to protect ourselves..

1. Make sure that you have a very good anti-virus installed..Paid ones would be even better

2.Only shop at reputable online merchants such as Amazon.com, Buy.com, eBay, Barnes & Noble. Weird and never-heard-of names should be avoided at all cost.

3.Look for the padlock and the https:// (indicating secure connection) sign at the address when you're at the page to fill sensitive information. Without these, they're most likely to be fraud sites..But,by having them does not ensure everything is safe.keep that in mind.

4.Be prudent in spending your money and shopping online. Crazy deals , sometimes are just crazy lies after all..

5.Never ever believe email from banks or amazon or ebay , asking for password or credit card details..They're most likely to be fraud though look very genuine..Check twice before doing anything,.Call your bank@amazon@ebay for confirmation.

6.Don't believe any weird promotions or offers that you may get through your email..Come on.be wiser, guys..don't just simply be so naive..

7.Inform your bank immediately if you suspect that you have been scammed, so that they can freeze your card or your account at that very moment.

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