Thursday, 25 December 2008

Cheap train ticket tips

1. Use TheTrainLine farefinder to search for the cheapest advanced train ticket that's available. Make sure that you click on the monthly view button to find for the cheapest ones for the month.

2.After you've found the tickets..Don't continue at TheTrainLine, because it's gonna charge you one pound for online booking and another 2 or 3 pounds for the credit/debit card charges.

3.Go to any of the train companies' website. My personal recommendation would be . Copy exactly the date and the time from TheTrainLine and search again at virgintrains website.

4.tada!!'ll get a 6.60 pounds return ticket to London Euston from Coventry. A hefty discount from the usual 24 pounds fare. =p

5.The only drawback here is that, the farefinder can only be used for the main routes....usually only between the main cities and London. But, no worries...You can still use National Express' East Coast
system to cover the other routes... but this one is slightly dodgier and harder-to-search than the first one.

6.And remember to search for the fare from the nearest main regional city in your area and your destination...Most of the time, it'll be cheaper that way.

for example:- If you wanna buy a train ticket from Coventry to Glasgow, the best alternative would be from Birmingham to Edinburgh....And you'd be surprised to see such a big difference in the fares.

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