Monday, 29 December 2008

Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effects,

I've pretty much heard about all of these before but had never really paid much attention to them..But an argument that I had with Hazim and one Singaporean guy a few days ago, back at Loch Lomond, made me think deeper..

What if even the slightest, smallest thing as a butterfly flapping its wings in a remote rain forest in Borneo can affect something as big as a hurricane in a continent more than 10 thousand miles away,..

What if even a little positive effort can affect so much things..What if we do something more..What if we give just anything, a greater shot??

It's still very much of a theory but it means so much if we know that whatever we'd be doing, the consequences are matter how small..if it does make something different, even in a way that nobody will ever recognize....

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