Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A guide to twofo, warwick file-sharing system

Dear warwickians, fancy to download movies, tv series, music and softwares??? twofo is the right thing for you..This peer to peer (p2p) service is able to go through warwick network firewall and we can benefit from sharing more than 5 Terabytes of stuffs at a speed of 5-10 Megabytes per second!!--Basically, that means you're able to download a typical 700 MB movie in less than 1 minute.. Cool, isn't it? =)

This is a step-by-step guide on how to setup it:-

1.Download DC++ client and stunnel -> here

2.Install DC++

3.Open Stunnel

4.Open DC++

5.Open file->Setting>Sharing> ---and then share at least 5GB of your hardrive (you won't be able to access warwick network without doing this)

6.Check your ip address-> here

7.Open DC++-> file->setting->connection setting-- and put your ip address in the space provided

8.Now start downloading!!!..Have fun

p/s:- please be aware that on-campus residents can only download files from on-campus residents..and the same thing goes to off-campus residents..n don't forget to mention your status, that'll be a lot more helpful for everyone else..

for more info, forum n tutorial, please go to www.twofo.co.uk