Monday, 3 March 2008


Since the past few days, I have been so happy. Even with all the pain and pressure of having so much workload, I think I have been doing, just fine.
Life is not about happenings, but what people tell themselves about those happenings~ Epictetus (A.D 50-138)
It's very true actually, at least for me. We always see things as what we want them to be. Some people are able to see everything in a positive way but there are some who just fail to brave themselves, facing the problem on. There are even some who are dependent on their family and close friends almost all the time.

There had been so many times when I relied too much on someone else to make major decisions in my life, but in the end I was so depressed because I thought that I had been doing something wrong. Nevertheless, the same kind of mistakes are repeated over the years, it had taken me quite some time to realize that there is a need to be independent and not dependent someone else all the time.

It is very true that God will always be there when you need Him. What really matters is if you have worked hard enough to gain His attention? When you had problems, did you just let your emotions overshadow your wisdom or did you actually try to get over them, and do something that might solve them?

It might sound so simple but believe me, it can be so hard for some. It is indeed very difficult when you don't know where you should park all of your problems, you are afraid of telling your friends, for they might spread some rumours about you. You feel like God has always been unfair to you. When you are in despair, you see them being happy all the time. When you are struggling in dire difficulties, you see them  went through all of those, so easily. Then you will start to wonder, why, why and why?

Is this really a world that I want to be living in? Why can't I be like all those people? You started to estrange yourself to your lone abode, talking to yourself and blaming God & others for what had happened to you but believe me friends, God is not as what you think He is. It is not his fault that you fail to see things from a different point of view. How absurd it is when you choose something, all within your own capacity only to put the blame on someone else?

Therefore starting from this very moment, when you have a problem, just remember that you are not alone. Whatever that you have in your mind, there might be some others who feel just the same. Try to be more flexible and get different views from many people. Do not just highlight the pain moments but try catching yourself being good. There must be something that you are uniquely good at, right? So what if something had happened? It is not like it is the end of the entire world. Use everything that you have got and don't ever restrict your options to simply giving up. Be confident and believe in yourself that everyone is the best in their own unique ways. You are important if you choose to think so, but you are just a pile of garbage if you opt for such. Thereupon, think and choose wisely the path of your own life. Choose whether you want to see the world as how you did before, or as how I see it now.
Happiness will not come for you, if you do not try looking for it. For whatever sickness, the cure must lie somewhere that you must look for, and they are not to be given just like that.


  1. I shall reedit all, but it's gonna take a while. hahaa :D

  2. its oryte. i dun care bout the grammatical error. all i care about is the content. thank you yaw! such an inspiring post i would say.

  3. love this part.

    It's true that God will always be there when you need Him. It's just about whether have we worked really hard enough to gain His attention. When we have problems, do we just let our emotions control ourselves or do we try to get over it and do something to solve it.

  4. Glad that it inspired you. :D I think I wrote this when I was in the most fragile state of mind, March 2008. Yeah, that seemed to be it.

  5. really? and now im in my most fragile and most brittle state. i feel like this post is created for me. haha. okayy. saya tahu sy perasan. ;p

    btw, bila u first sampai UK? i wanna read what you have written. too many post to read all

  6. haahaa :D. September 2008. But nothing much kot. I don't know.

  7. may i know how do you improve ur english in terms of grammar, etc? you can really write well.

  8. eh, seriously? Thanks. :D

    I read a lot of books I guess, from there I pick up the correct grammar, style of writing etc.