Saturday, 8 March 2008

General election

I've been sitting in front of this PC for several hours, up until now. Browsing and reading numerous random malaysian blogs discussing about today's general election

It would be great if the Opposition could take over the government but I don't think that would be feasible even 20 years after this. But the Opposition may be able to win more parliamentary and state seats, and thus deny BN's 2/3 majority in parliament. It would be even better if DAP, PAS and PKR would be able to win majority seats and control the local government in Penang, Perak, Kedah, Terengganu and Kelantan. The time toward a better Malaysia, a more democratic one will surely come. The time where we can ensure all Malaysians irrespective of religion, race, and sex are given equal rights on everything.

Say no to BN, say no to this coalition who has lied to us, Malaysian for this whole 50 years. We have been denied for so many things. The right to express what we want, The right to have media which are independent, not the ones which are controlled and being spoon-fed by the BN just like what's happening right now, right here, in Malaysia. We want absolute poverty to be washed away from every single one of Malaysian household irrespective of race.We want a better and fairer distribution of this nation's wealth.We want equal chances for everyone based on merits, not because of their family, their race. We hate to see only those who are up there have everything they want. They are there not because of their merits, but just because of the "cable" that they have. Is this what we call a fair, democratic country???They are using the tax monies,which are our monies to feed their wild appetites!!!Buy everything they want, !!So fu**ing bulls**t! It has been as if corruption has been all and everywhere phenomenon in Malaysia.

Come on people, Vote for Opposition if you can,
If you can't, pray that Opposition will win,
For us to have a better Malaysia,
Oh Malaysia,our Beloved Country,
We are waiting for the wind of change to come,
The sooner the better,
But for sure it will eventually become a reality,...

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