Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Complexity of human

sometimes I wonder,

Why am I here,
Why should I be doing all these?,
why can't I just be the humble grass on the field,?
or the bird who's just singing all day long,

For them,
There's nothing to be worried of,
Nothing to be thought of,
Nothing to be sad of,
Nothing to be happy of,
Nothing to be stressed of,

They, as I see them,
Are in the state of nothingness,

But my cloudy eyes can sometimes be wrong,
Sometimes,they make me strong,
While looking at those pity, petty "puppets",
Make me realise not to be like the pets,

Though sometimes, I failed,

Sometimes my life can be so simple yet very complicated,
But their lives are just simply simple,
All the time,
Through this very sunshine,

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