Monday, 11 February 2008

A new day...A new desire..A new Hope

It has been so long since my last post. I've been so lazy to post here, just killing my time watching movies and dramas.. Today is 10/2/2008..Merely few months before my real A level Exam... The moment which will decide the entire paths of my future.. Morning keeps on appearing every single day, But I've never had a solid determination and desire to study.

I keep on forgetting the most important reason of why I'm here.. everyday passes as usual.. Till the day of the exam, when I will realise and regret of whatever I have done this two years.. I did not use the time as best as I can.. I did not fulfil my responsibilities to my parents.. my responsibilities to my sponsor... to my country....

Men are created by the God equal but different in so many ways.. In different ways that is distinctly beneficial for that particular person.. But somehow.. we're not tend to appreciate what we have.. we've been jealous to those who are better, richer, more good looking, more atheletic... than us.. Jealousy is a good thing but only if we try to do something about it.. If We really try... if We act, if We change,if We move forward.. if We push ourselves to the most outward boundaries..

Somebody said to me, this is life.. A life is nothing but to be lived.. the way we choose it.. the way we plan it...the way we make it flow... Please my friends..Forget the past , Plan something good and do it now to change the future.... We try to do our best and only after that we leave it to The Almighty GOD..

Do remember that..small dots of carelessness will result in huge holes if... we are too reckless, too careless..too jealous....and

without.....Doing nothing.

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