Thursday, 28 February 2008

10 popular irrational beliefs

Written by Dr Albert Ellis, an american Psichologist.

1.I must be loved or at least liked and approved of by every significant person I meet.
2.I must be completely competent, make no mistakes and achieve in every possible way if i am to be okay.
3.Some people are bad, wicked or evil and they should be blamed and punished for this.
4.It is dreadful, nearly the end of this world when things are not as i would like them to be.
5.Human unhappiness, including mine,is caused by factors outside my control,so little can be done about it.
6.If something might be dangerous,unpleasant or frightening, I should worry about it a great deal.
7.It's easier to put off doing something unpleasant than it is to face up to it.
8.I need someone stronger than myself to depend on.
9.My problems were caused by my past, and that's why I have my problems now.
10.I should be upset by other people's problems and difficulties.

taken from ,"sorting out stress", a book written by Grant Brecht

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