Sunday, 25 November 2007


I had made a major choice in my life last week, where I dropped computing subject from my A level. I cannot do it any longer, as with the enormous practical and theoretical works, I might end up getting worse with my Further Maths and Economics.

Hmmm, what I would like to share over here has nothing to do with computing but about responsibility.

Before this, I believe that I was heavily influenced by my mother and I needed to follow almost everything that she said. When I left Intec UiTM and came to KYUEM, a part of me blamed her for that decision. I blamed her for what I did, that I was not even sure myself. I did not really want to leave INTEC, but gradually I have started to accept it.

Before I decided to drop the subject, I went to see Puan R (economics teacher) and Puan H (personal tutor). We spent about an hour talking, and the most interesting part was that she never forced her views upon myself. She gave me a very important advice:

"Whatever you do, it is up to you; whether you want to leave it just like that or you want to do something about it. It is your own life but remember, you must take responsibility for whatever that you do, do not blame it upon someone else. It is your own choice and your very own responsibility"

She told me that there is no point if I still keep the same pace though now I have less burden than before. I should try to change and improve, but well I think many of you are quite familiar with this. You are essentially not going against anybody else but yourself, as it is really hard to follow the schedule, to try studying consistently, and not using the computer for too long. Everything is difficult, everything that you have to go through as you try to achieve a successful life in the future. It all depends on what you are doing right now. 

Sometimes you may feel really bored doing the same chores over and over again, sometimes you may think that it would've been better if you were someone else. Perhaps somebody who is perfect in your eyes; clever, good looking, great socializing skill, have plenty of friends, good in sports, where it seems like almost everyone just like him. You crack your head, thinking why you are not like him. Sometimes you blame God for not being fair to you, sometimes you are just so annoyed at certain somebody and decided to be alone. You think it would better if you just keep it to yourself, tight within your heart, until one day it becomes so rotten, you explode.

Why can't you just try your best? Try not to be such a coward, as life is all about that; the survival of the fittest. The most adaptable ones will win, but not the same people will always win. There will often be some new champions, those who never give in until they succeed, never blame God, and always try their best in anything. They never look up into the sky, do nothing and expect something miraculous to happen. As if the gold will fall from there, will those people include me, and you?

Do not be a loser anymore dude, just fight as you grow older and become a more matured man. People have different ways, when facing new things in their life. Should you control the feelings, try to solve it or should you rather just stand still, ignore and wait for something to happen by itself?

Choose wisely, and please blame nobody else but yourself.


  1. Hmmm... at last... I guess you got some points here... Hehe.. Honestly I always (not all the time) blame other people... Because it's the easiest and the most convenient thing to do... It makes me feels good... Whatever it is... It's not good to blame others...

  2.'s like we can pull out our head from that problem... leave it to others..