Thursday, 24 May 2007

Fajr Prayer

I have got a story from a friend in a college that I would love to share here. He usually get up at about 6.30am for the prayer. After he woke up, he went ahead with waking up his mates as well but it has always been the case that they never really bothered, though.

Often for three or four times, he persistently and patiently did what he thought as a duty of a good friend, but they usually just ignored him, most of the time. Sometimes he felt a bit fed-up, and tried waking them up for two times and if they still choose bed over fajr. Then, let them be. At least he has done what he was supposed to be doing.

At the very least, be nice unto others, as how they did unto you.
Some people find it really hard to perform fajr prayer, as who can really resist the temptation of nice and warm haven of bed? Apart from those who really believe in the Hereafter?

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